• Perskarva

    Sure thing, Istaria is your ingame name right?

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  • Perskarva

    No problem with doing that, I usually just raided SM/Ruin since it was more versatile outside of raid environment.

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  • Perskarva

    Sup, im Perskarva, Gnome Warlock used to be in Final Exit back on nost but because it dead now looking for a new guild.

    My Character: Perskarva, Gnome Warlock

    Age: 25

    Country: Finland'

    Current spec: 30/0/21, because I love to throw shadowbolts all day.

    Gear Wishlist: Definitely want to get upgrades such as [Band of Forced Concentration] from Ebonroc to replace by Ring of Spellpower.

    For weapon [Claw of Chromaggus] or [Staff of Shadowflame] to replace my Sageclaw and/or Tome of Shadows.

    Other nice pickups could be [Mish'under, Circlet of the Mindflayer] for helmet and [Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal] for shoulders to replace my dreadweave cowl and shoulders, but seeing as Warlocks get quite the upgrade from Doomcallers in AQ id probably still pass em to Mages.

    Other than that maybe pick up Hakkar's head at some point to get the trinket.

    Availability: If we go by the times stated in the post about Wednesday and Sunday for raiding, I should be available on most to attend both raids. As far as other content go I'd be online fairly often, making money or doing 5-mans if someone needed help.

    Im not that much into PvP however, I did my time in the coalmines known as BG, grinded what I wanted and stopped. Casual PvP now and then is alright tho.

    As far as World Boss killing goes as long as it's announced early enough and isn't on top of my working hours, I should be able to participate.

    About me: Kinda been on and off with WoW myself, started in BC did a little raiding, started raiding a lot more during Wrath. Usually always took a break now and then due to guild disbanding. Played Vanilla private servers every once in awhile, played on Nostalrius almost to the end.

    I play fighting games outside of WoW pretty often but if Im playing WoW I mostly just play that. Reason im applying for Theorycraft is due to coming back to Final Exit being no more and looking for a new guild in general, saw some Theorycraft guys and remembered that you guys usually were pretty chill when doing 5 mans.

    Why I play Vanilla is because I find it is fun to play and hang out in and what I wanna achieve in it is really only do raid progression and just generally play it.

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