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    Does this cover it?

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    Sure! What exactly does "display" mean in this context?

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    wtb Strange dust


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    I appreciate the quick reply!

    I think I'm a capable player, is the best answer I can give you. When I compare myself to the average trade chat invite, I think I'm pretty good. When I compare myself to someone who really knows the ins and outs of ones class and the mechanics of every fight and how to optimize output with regards to all the different variables that go into each boss encounter, I consider myself an average player at best, as of right now. Hope that makes sense.

    I wouldn't be worried about the PvP focus. I'm not in even trying to sniff at anything beyond Rank 10, and spec is flexible. I enjoy the challenge of PvP, working with what I have, is all. I'm not even engineering, so.. I mean.. Do I even PvP bro?

    I'd love a shot at it. And I'll be the first to agree with you if I prove not to be on par.


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    Character: Outro, Nightelf, Feral

    Age: 26

    Nationality: Norwegian. I currently live in Oslo, but am scheduled to move to Madrid late January 2017. GMT+1 either way.

    Overview: So here's the sitch(uation); I'm new. About 80k shy of hitting 60. No prior druid experience, no prior tanking experience. I've raided previously as a fury warrior and holy pala, but no further than BWL and some AQ20. You still reading? Dope. But see, I know I'm green. I don't have a calculator addon installed for WoW and I've never chosen an item upgrade based on algebra, but I have got almost half a brain when I really focus, and so far that's been keeping me afloat. I initially rolled druid for pvp, as I'm not stoked on the idea of healing end game. Pvp is still the main idea. However; while leveling I ran into Kemmerah/Hushnow, and learned that there actually were serious guilds who used Feral druids, which is what/who has brought me here. He's my inside man.

    So I'm just being straight: I'm reading the guides, watching the vids, learning the ropes, but I'm currently a scrub in terms of being a druid, raid-tank and late end game wow in general. I'm ultimately looking for a place to learn. I could be "alt-raid-team2-off-tank-on-standby", it'll be swell. No, but really.

    I'm currently working on getting my pre-bis gear for both bear/cat sorted, and while I believe I have a good idea of what that should consist of (meaning I just get whatever this dude suggests [http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/178-a-grizzly-situation-feral-druid-1121-pve-tanking-and-dps /](link url) ) I don't have a clear grasp of what items I'm opting for from MC/BWL/+ just yet. So I'm not going to list a bunch of items that look neat and pretend I know why I want them.

    On the plus side; I'm a clean slate. No preconceived notions of how to play my class, and minimal ego because of it. You could fill my brain up with all that black magic number crunched nonsense of yours! It'll be like raising a child. A child who wipes his own ass. Think about it...

    I'm likely to play most days for at least a few hours, and will at least consider extra curricular activities.


    I've been playing wow since vanilla, but fell off pretty soon after TBC arrived. Tried WoD, tried Legion, neither scratched the itch. Been jumping around the vanilla private scene the last few years. Besides WoW i really just play Dark souls. Also been getting into chess.

    I work as a concept artist / illustrator. Been working at a VFX studio in Oslo the last 3 years, and am now hopefully moving to Madrid for an animation gig.

    A nice enough guy, says mum.

    Thank you for your time.

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