• mirrinhaze

    Character stuff: Warrior, Nelf, Mirinhaze
    Your age: 22
    Your nationality: Finnish

    Current spec and are you comfortable respeccing to whatever the guild may want (which may be very unorthodox stuff - possibly not working in PvP and grinding/5mans as well as regular specs):
    17/34/0 with imp. cleave at the moment, and I'm comfortable with respeccing to what ever spec is needed.

    Your gear wishlist:
    Towards best in slots in its time, I'm sure your officers knows the best in the loot council.

    When / how often are you available to raid and do 5man/PvP stuff in the guild:
    I'm available at least three to four times a week.

    Whether or not you're available for world boss killing outside regular raid times (not mandatory, we just want to know):
    Sure, if I'm not working right at that time.

    We would also like to hear a story about you:
    I've had a on/off relationship with this game ever since 2005 summer, been casually raiding(especially in Vanilla), hardcore raiding(in the end of WoTLK & start of the Cataclysm) and playing PvP also.
    The reason why I'm playing in this vanilla server is simple, I'd like to get the nostalgic feeling and experience the raid encounters I didn't get to experience back then in retail (AQ40 and Naxxramas).
    I've a IRL friend (Daelos) in your roster with whom I've raided 10-man heroics all the way to be amongst the top 10 in Europe. Also, I used to be in Theorycraft with my another friend's character (Pake, human rogue) which I was leveling and experimenting the server with at the early stage of Nostalrius PvP.

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