• Issabel

    Character: Issabel, Gnome, Warlock,
    Professions: Engineer, Tailorer
    Age: 21
    Country: Sweden, GMT+1, (Same as server time)

    Specialization: SM/Ruin 30/0/21, I do not mind changing spec if it helps the guilds, such as for example Twin emperor tanking.

    Gear wishlist: Atiesh, Other than that I'll just take whatever the guilds deems me worthy to get, specially since I more or less only need BiS items from BWL / world bosses and ZG.

    I'm more or less online every day, if not on Issabel I am on my other chars. if I am needed getting in touch with me should normally not be problems as long as other as comfortable using discord or likewise apps.

    I started playing WoW back in 2004 when I was 9 years old. Did the basic stuff. MC ONY ZG AQ20, Ofcourse I mostly got carried but it sure was fun. During TBC I mostly played other games but still managed to clear at least TK and Black Temple. I did not however even take a step into sunwell.
    WotLK is a full 25man HC ICC clear. During Cata I went over to PvP and reached 2300+ in both Arena and RBG as war/mage.
    I more or less completely quit PvE except for maybe the first week between PvP seasons

    Then once Pandaria hit I just quit and eventually later on found my way to my first Vanilla wow server on feeinx. Where I played on Emerald Dream and cleared BWL 60 Style. Since then I've lost count on the amount of BWL clears that I've done.
    I also started to play on the Nost PvE server to get a fresh start from the beginning of a server which worked out great. before the Nost shutdown I was the Shaman CL of Deja Vu. I am currently 1 item from BiS on that character

    Furthermore I would like to properly experience AQ40 and Naxx with a nice and solid guild.
    Mostly I am looking for a new guild though because I just such immense threat issues. I feel like I can never reach my true highest possible DPS because I tend to have to downgrade my gear into for example full T2 for threat reduction.
    Only positive thing about it is that consumables have become completely pointless. except for maybe bandages and pots.

    I just remembered something I do have on my wishlist: Fetish of the Sand Reaver, from Fankriss. I believe it could change the way I play the game quite a lot

    P.S. I beat Wunsen on DMG in some random MC pug, he was Nr:2 ^_^

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