• Imbaghost

    Yeah i did^^ but i will tryhard :D

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  • Imbaghost

    Suvanto, thx for the kind words) i am waiting to compete with u on meeters))

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  • Imbaghost

    Thank you for the kind words guys :) if u are interested in something feel free to ask.

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  • Imbaghost

    Hello guys ,

    My name is Rustam I'm 26 years old and I live in Kiev, Ukraine (Timezone: CET +1).
    I'm playing on the Nostalrius since it release but i had to stop playing when i was around 50 lvl, and now i am at last got my time to play again, and i am playing for roughly 3 weeks.
    My ingame name is Imbaghost a lvl 60 female Human Warlock who is currently SM/Ruin specced

    My current gear is:
    Trying hard on getting wand from Strat/Scholo but no luck for now, also trying to get gloves from LBRS or maybe i will craft felcloth one, just a little bit short on money right now because i have to spent them on my bloodvine set and weapon enchant, regardless my missing enchants on head and legs, thats because i have no luck on getting armprints from ZG for it, other mats are ready^^ and of course i working on all other enchants that i am missing like speed on boots, etc. just got my set like yesturday and didn't make them in time).

    Status of attunements:
    MC attunement finished
    Ony attunement finished
    BWL attunement finished.

    Theorycraft raid time suits me perfect so i see no problem attending raids/5 mans/premades if u are doing any:) i am playing almoust everyday(from roughly 18.00 ST on workdays till late night) just apart from Friday and Saturday(sometimes) cause u know TGIF thing ).

    Now something about me.

    I play on Nostalrius just beacuse i really enjoyed my vanilla times, and want to finish my progress there) cause on retail i have done ZG/MC/BWL/AQ20 cleared but AQ 40 only up to Twins and couple bosses in Naxx(EU Executus - Shadow Angels guild).
    I have pretty big expirience on retail, don't know how much does it matter to you but still will just leave it here)

    • TBC All PvE content cleared pre nerfed on it's actual time apart from M'uru and KJ
    • WOTLK PvE content cleared pre nerfed on it's actual time also my 10 ppl raid scored Lich King server first(i was RL) on a most progressive russian realm - Gordunni
      -WOTLK PvP Season 5 Deadly Gladiator(top1) on my hunter in 2v2 and second place in 3v3
    • Cata PvE i went hardcore on PvE and my guild scored Russian First on almoust all bosses in 10 ppl content with raid time like 4 hours per day, 4 days a week. On my hunter i was holding a lot of top 10 places at Worldoflogs worldwide.
      -MoP and WoD - i hate panda very much! But still claimed 5 man challange russian first (at that time i rerroled to rogue) apart from that nothing intersting cause i really hate panda theme.

    I was with u guys in PuG raid MC on 03.04.2016 and pretty much enjoyed it apart from lags, and liked how chill u are leading the raids(i can't do like that^^). Also i wisited ur recuruitment topic on forum and was pleased on everything especially on loot council thing beacause i think it is only one loot system that is working for end game guild.
    Overall i have very indepth knowledge of almoust all classes in WoW, i always try my best to be on top of the meeters, and will always bring all consumables which are needed (even flasks when i will marry those Satyrs in Azshara whom do i farm for felcloth)))
    I have no promblem in beeing on TS and using my mic ofc:)

    If u wanna know more about me feel free to msg me ingame :).

    (I hope my english is not too bad)


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