• Haasia

    @Istaria No I am afraid I don't have any. Never had a proper computing power that could handle high fps while frapsing.

    I can assure you guys that once I can get into the raiding game I won't let you down in attendance or by standing in fire ;)

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  • Haasia

    @Kemmerah Yeah not so long ago they released HD version from it on ps4

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  • Haasia

    @Istaria Nope my characters where called Kissa and Aralyn and we migrated away from daggerspine instantly when Kazzak was opened due to massive lag issues in AQ40 progress

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  • Haasia

    Hello TC!

    I discovered this guild from the Nostalrius forums and this guild instantly gained my attention.
    After that I had a brief conversation with Istaria and he/she told me that you might recruit a player that has not yet even dinged 60.

    I am 29 year old dude from Joensuu Finland and currently studying and working as a freelance sound engineer. I don't have any fixed working or studying schedule therefore TC´s raid times would fit perfectly.

    I never really played anything else besides WoW because I was too afraid to get addicted to them as I did with wow. Currently I am sitting around 650days /played when combined from most of my characters. About 85% of it is from pre Cataclysm and that is the reason I have never played a single round of Dota, LoL, SC, Diablo or Hearthstone.
    I do enjoy a round of World of tanks now and then and with PS4 I play FO4, FF7 and Project Cars.

    Character I am applying with is my mage, she is currently low 20`s (22 while writing this text) But I am dedicated to level her and gear her up as fast as possible.

    Because this is my 1st character ever in the server I do not have any raiding history or even in-game friends in it.

    In retail I managed to achieve few things:
    -Mc full
    -Bwl full
    -AQ40 full (except for viscidous)
    -Naxx Spiderwing, Instructor, PW, Grobbulus, Gluth and Noth

    In TBC we managed to kill everything and in WotLK we got up to Arthas in HC but after that I did stop raiding and never really made a comeback. At the start of WoD I did some Mythic Highmaul, but that is all.

    All this in Eu-Kazzak / Daggerspine with the same guild called Apotheosanity Actually we have some old school fraps stuff in our youtube if interested!

    The main reasons TC would be my kinda guild is the raid times as I stated earlier and how can one just not love "Our raiding philosophy is "maximum dps"." as a mage! And off course I wanna be a part of a progressive PvE team and experience the last bits of the content that I missed in retail.

    If you guys have any questions at all please pm or mail me in game or just drop a word here!


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