• Grozdo

    @whump It's a "stress test" mainly used on concrete particles to understand how they'd react. I said "concrete" but it wasn't gud enuf

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    @Istaria Yup, Alltho I'm focused as a DPS main, but being versatile as a Bear whenever I'm needed. It's indeed a dumb choice and I wasn't really straight thinkng when I choose the 2% crit. Not to mention the combo of DMC: Maelstrom and HoJ is better. Final judgement is?

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  • Grozdo

    Heyo, I'm Grozdo - a dedicated Feral druid player who's currently looking for a guild that would like to have a pet cat/bear by their side.

    My toon: Grozdo - Night Elf Druid

    My age: 20

    My nationality: Bulgarian, living in the capital city of Sofia. I believe my time zone is GMT +1.

    Current spec: Feral druid, versatile betwene DPS and a not-so-effective-because-I-don't-have-a-block Tank, Would I respec if it's needed? To a Boomie you say?! Sure I will! (please catch the tiny line of how much I hate Restoration).

    My gear wish list: Atiesh For real... I'm not a 'feed me' type of player, just give me something every once in a while. TBH untill AQ there isn't much I really wish for.

    From MC For and example I really wish are not many. [Heavy Dark Ironn Ring] [Medallion of Steadfast Might] [Quick Strike Ring] [Fireguard Shoulders] [Band of Accuria] it's for both aspects of the Feral, tanking and dps-ing, always happen to be Off-set items that Feral needs.

    From BWL however is where a lot of the jazz hits: [Malfurion's Blessed Bulwark] [Draconic Maul] [Cloak of Draconic Might] [Taut Dragonhide Belt] [Elementium Threaded Cloak] [Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads] [Archimtiros' Ring of Reckoning] [Prestor's Talisman of Connivery] - all of these are essential to the Fearl and I will really have hard time without a few of these.

    AQ: Every...thing... literally. AQ is where I get my only set which is 2.5 and is made for Feral Tanks. It's the first raid where I get a Cat form empowerment for 200+ AP weapon. AQ Is the Feral's Dream and till then I'm happy to live on onions and clusters.

    How often can I raid with you? Every day, mhm.

    World boss kills? Look to the sky and say my name wish passion, I shall appear... or just call me?

    Who is Grozdo? Grozdo is 20 year old university student who's currently undergoing the worst period of his life as a Civil Engineer. I'm a chill dude but don't push me, kind of agnostic in a few bits. I have 162 IQ and was about to be a Cambridge student so they told me the semestrial price is 28 000 Euros for me (racist), pay or leave. So I told them to shove these 28 000 Euro up their damn arse! Bad carrier move! TERRIBLE! So right now I'm stuck with Civil Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria. My first kiss was in kindergarden, just saying... Yung Playah is my rap name. I never passed comedy school. Bye!


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