• Funknasty

    Hey. Hello there. My name is Funknasty, dwarf shadow priest. I'm 33 and living in Trump's America. I've played a few MMO's like swtor, classic wow up until cata, and a couple others...but something always brings me back to vanilla. I just want to be the best vanilla shadow priest I can be, and do more than I ever did originally on retail. I've already acquired some very good items even.

    I'm always looking for folks who as a group combine to be a powerful force, accomplished by knowing their class while utilizing experience, logic and reason. A group that takes things serious, but has a great time while doing it. I know a few people in the guild here from PvP, but someone I talk to regularly is Moozartx AKA Moozie AKA Taste the Multishot Bitches. Hopefully I will come to know many more because what fun is raiding without good friends? AQ is almost here, and I am ready! Let's do this..........LEROOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKIIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSSSSSS!!!!

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